Tilling garden and flowerbed by hands are difficult. It takes longer time and makes your hands hurt. If not, your hands will be quite rough and you are not confident to shake hands with people or hold hands with your spouse. You need tool to help you tilling garden and flowerbed before they are used to plant. Here is the tool that will make you really glad.

GreenWorks 27012 Electric Tiller

GreenWorks 27012This tool is called GreenWorks 27012 8 AMP Corded AC Cultivator, the easiest way to prepare earth for planting. This is a light weight corded tiller with four rotating tines that will operate to quickly and thoroughly turn over the soil. These (4) 8″ forward rotating tines will move through small roots and tough earth as well. It can always perform in its highest level and is reliable. The reliability is resulted from Powerful 8 Amp with an easy electric start to eliminate the need of gas usage during mowing. To gain the expected results, you can arrange it. To get quick reliable tilling result, there is adjustable tilling width of 8.25 to 10.00 inches. While for dipping the right depth it can be used well with its 5 inches adjustable tilling versatility. This tiller has zero carbon foot print so it is safe to use and the plants will grow well. There is no emission will be released from this tool and you don’t need to do gas fumes during mowing your yard. According to Energy Protection Agency (EPA), fifty four Americans mow their lawns every weekend and spend 800 million gallons a year, huge amount that can turn into disaster. GreenWorks is brilliant solution to stop harm gas powered mowers. The works of this tiller is very efficient since it has been approved by EPA, means that it can reduce energy usage until 35%. When you buy it in legal store, you will get 4-year warranty to make sure that you will get the best performance from it within full four years.

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GreenWorks 27012 8 AMP Corded AC Cultivator DescriptionGreenWorks 27012 8 AMP Corded AC Cultivator

If you’ve ever tilled a garden or flowerbed by hand, then we bet you’re already glad to see the GreenWorks Electric Tiller. This light-weight corded tiller is the easiest way to turn the earth and prepare for planting. Four rotating tines operate at the height of your choice, quickly and thoroughly turning over the soil and moving through small roots and tough earth. A cord lock makes sure that the power keeps going, and the job gets done.About GreenWorksAll GreenWorks products have a carbon footprint of ZERO. That means that absolutely no emissions are ever released, and you’ll never have to inhale gas fumes while mowing your yard or trimming your hedges. Plus, it means higher efficiency, so you’ll get more out of your lawn tools each time you use them. Each product is EnergyStar-approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, which means that energy usage is reduced by about 35 percent. For GreenWorks, Green is more than just a name – it’s a commitment.

GreenWorks 27012 Reviews

“I have owned a Mantis Tiller for ten years and it is worn out, so I took a chance and bought the Greenworks 27012 as I could not find any reviews. Happy to say I am very pleased, the price and tilling are great. The power of the electric tiller is stronger than my 2 cycle Mantis, and the tines remove very easy.
I have raised beds and the electric tiller was heavier than my Mantis but still easy to use. I am not used to the wheels so that may take some time to get used to. The cord holder needs some improvement, didn’t hold my cord very well but that was minor for me.
It is worth a try, I am very happy, recommend it. I don’t know if it will last ten years or not but time will tell.”
By Michael

How To Get GreenWorks 27012

This tool has been sold in many stores including in online stores. The weight of this tool is 46.3 pounds and many stores can ship it to outside the United States. Good stores will ship it apart from other products you order and they don’t even ask additional chipping charge. You have to consider about the shipping process to make sure that this useful tool comes to your door in good condition. But generally, it handle can be folded down which makes it easier for shipping and storage. With GreenWorks 27012 8 AMP Corded AC Cultivator you can mow your garden without damaging environment. How to use it is easy and if you don’t think you have any clue, the product is sent to you along with the directions. You only need it to understand how to use it and even they attach diagram to make you easier understand. Its price may not as cheap as you expect but you pay for quality and this tool will never disappoint you.

Where To Buy GreenWorks 27012

You can Buy GreenWorks 27012 from many big retailers offline or online like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart etc. But which one is the best? We have done work for you, we find the best place to buy GreenWorks 27012 is at Amazon.com. This giant online retailers give the best price.